About Us

Step into the enchanting world of WOV, were hand embroidery reigns supreme and elegance is personified. Where worlds and cultures collide to give the most intricate and ethereal retail experience. Discover trend setting and trail blazing hues, silhouttes and captivating crafted peices that pay homage to the artistry and refined workmanship of embellishment. With export quality tailoring and fit, years of garment experience and legacy, every peice, from men's shirts to trousers, to Jackets to kurtas, tell a tale of heart, soul and dedication to providing couture standard in Retail.

Explore the perfect blend of tradition and contemporary aesthetic. Join us in celebrating and championing the dying art of hand embroidery in a industrial age, the cornerstone of Indus workmanship, and help us not to loose a cottage industry that stands apart in creating the most breathtaking outfits.

Slay with us, be fierce, be elegant, be poised, be hopeful and be your best dressed self.

Wear your dreams with Wov